The main themes and prime directives of Tarantino’s are the celebration of food, beverages, and music in a lounge setting at historic Exposition and Fair Park Dallas. Tarantino’s also will include a full service bar and a small dining area for more of an intimate experience. The record lounge aspect is an added bonus of entertainment of old school vinyl records filling Tarantino’s up with an eclectic repertoire of music. 


   Cicchetti are small plates or snacks like Spanish Tapas or from the Basque region "Pinchos". Cicchetti comes from Venice Italy and the surrounding area, yet you can find, that in different regions in Italy and all across Europe there are many different words that represent small plates.


    The Tarantinos of Dallas come from two large clans outside of Palermo, Sicily. We came through the port of New Orleans and later some members settled inTampa, Florida and ultimately Dallas Texas. The culinary history and the diversity of our food and wine culture is extremely rich. We will be proud and passionate to give you the best culinary experience, just as the Tarantino’s do when cooking at home for friends and family.


   Phase one of our opening will be a hearty menu for take out or pick up, and for delivery (not necessarily all cicchetti type plates or snacks). The menu will be just a sampling of what we will be doing later when we completely open up the establishment for the dine in experience. The food will be designed to travel well and to satisfy our customers so well that they will order more frequently. We will offer panini, pastas, a handful of appetizers, salad, sodas, beer, wine, and even groceries all for pick up or delivery.